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During my internship at CCI Europe, the UX Lead in my team had a meeting coming up with Chartbeat, a company that delivers metrics for journalists that indicate the performance of an article. The idea was that these metrics should be integrated in CUE. My objective was to find out which metrics were relevant for the CUE user, and how they could be integrated on the interface.

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I discussed the needs of the user with the UX Lead. I found out that the user needed an overview of how the article was performing in order to give him/her the information to make decisions like moving the article to the front page or boosting it on social media.

Based on what I knew about the users, I started researching which metrics Chartbeat could provide. I found several that could benefit the users.  

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I figured that there were two spots on the interface where the metrics could be valuable: On the overview of all the articles, and in the articles menu.

I found out that chartbeat had a series of badges that indicated the performance of the article in different ways. I figured that these work great in the overview. This would give the user a quick indicator of how the article was performing.

For the article interface, I wanted a more detailed overview that could be used to make decisions. I started by mocking the interface up on paper. I cut out small labels, badges and buttons for the different metrics. This allowed me to quickly rearrange them into a couple of different solutions. I took pictures of the different combinations and chose the two best, which I mocked up in Adobe XD.

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